The ADD Blog by Alan David Doane, An Open Letter to New York State Senator Roy McDonald

An Open Letter to New York State Senator Roy McDonald

Dear Senator McDonald,

You may not remember me, but I remember you. I interviewed you twice in my radio career. In fact, you were the first newsmaker I ever interviewed, in the mid-1980s working at WKAJ in Saratoga Springs. Later, working at WABY in Albany, I interviewed you for the station’s half-hour public affairs show, and came away from that second interview greatly impressed with your integrity and passion for what’s right, no matter what political pressure was put on you by your party.

Thank you, Senator, for your promise to support equal marriage rights in New York State. As a straight, married man I believe my marriage and the marriages of all people will be made STRONGER by recognizing the basic right of any adult human being to marry any other adult human being that they love and want to spend their life with. My wife feels as I do, and so do most of the people I know. Recognizing equal marriage rights is another step forward for our state, and I salute your courage in taking a stand for equality and basic human decency. Don’t listen to the voices of ignorance telling you you’ve made the wrong decision — you’ve chosen equality over ignorance, and I thank you for it.

Alan David Doane
Glens Falls, New York 


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